Sunday, August 14, 2022

Dr. G. P. Pokharel, SF Technical Advisor visited BLF.....

Markus Wischenbart

Dr. G. P. Pokharel, SF Technical Advisor for Bangladesh and Nepal visited BLF on 11th April 2014 during his official visit to Bangladesh between 10th April to 12th April 2014. An exclusive meeting was held with him on that day at the Chamber of BLF Chairman. The Chairman, BLF informed the technical Advisor that the Manager of Sightfirst Department of Lions Clubs International has kindly sanctioned total amount of US$17,331.00 against training SF-1394 for Human Resource Development of Bangladesh Lions Foundation & Hospital but we have received US$2850.00 out of that sanctioned amount. By this time 03 (three) doctors have been trained in India & Bangladesh respectively at cost of US$2030.00. The rest of money could not expended due to unavoidable circumstance. The Chairman BLF also informed him that we have selected the new doctors for training in our Country and require US$5256.41 for the training purpose. The Technical Advisor suggested to write a letter to the Manager Sightfirst Department, Lions Clubs International seeking return the rest amount which will be adjusted against the next disbursement. As per his suggestion we have sent a letter to the Manager, Sightfirst Department for seeking the rest amount. Hope that we could receive the rest amount within very short time.

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